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This is the last set of handcrafted knife & fork carving utensils that I have left, in this style of steel. About two years ago I bought the last couple of dozen blanks from a source in Austrailia, who had himself earlier bought out the last inventory from the manufacturer. If I hade to guess, I'd say the blanks were made in Asia? What I liked about them was the "finger guard" & the design around the bolster. If you look closely you will see images of Elk. The handles are Texas Honey Mesquite Wood & the inaly is Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. The knife blade is 9" & the handle is 6". The fork steel is 7" long & the handle is 6". Both have been finished with several coats of a food-safe, hi-gloss polyurethane.


SKU: elk10


    F.Beck Woodworking 

    Las Cruces, New Mexico