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This is Texas  Mesquite Wood with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise inlay. The board consists of 8 pieces of Mesquite laminated together in a end grain pattern & 4 pieces laminated side grain as a border. I use TiteBond III, waterproof adhesive for all my laminating. The approximate size is; 10-1/2" x 12" x 1-1/2" thick. Finished with two hand rubbed coats of a bees wax based, food-safe sealant. Item #4970. Signed & dated by artist/craftsman.

End Grain Cutting Board*

SKU: 4970

    This is what the pros use! Considered by many to be the best style of wooden cutting board made. My end grain boards are handcrafted out of Texas Mesquite Wood, which is also considered by many to be the ultimate choice in hardwoods for making cutting boards, and, besides getting the finest quality wood, with my boards, you get the added benefit of "artistic beauty" brought out through my use of turquoise inlay. Like the end grain style & the premiere quality Mesquite Wood, the turquoise used is also considered to be one of the finest. I only use "Sleeping Beauty Turquoise" a gemstone synonymous with beauty & quality. PLEASE NOTE: The turquoise inlay will not dull your blade.


F.Beck Woodworking 

Las Cruces, New Mexico