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Nice sized serving tray, 9" x 14" x 1". Handcrafted out of Texas Mesquite Wood which I have enhanced through the addition of veins of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise inlay. Included with the tool caddy, attached at one end, are four of your most needed cheese tools; 

  • Spear Tipped Cheese Fork
  • Parmesian "Heart" Knife
  • Cheese Fork
  • Spreader                                                                                            The cutting board is finished with two hand rubbed coats of a non-toxic, food-safe, bees wax based sealant & the cheese tools are finished with several coats of a food-safe, hi-gloss polyurethane. Last but not least, I've added 4 rubber bumper feet to the bottom to help prevent sliding. 

  The wrought iron handles make carring your tray a snap.               

Deluxe Serving Tray



    F.Beck Woodworking 

    Las Cruces, New Mexico