Handcrafted Wood Bowls

F.Beck Woodworking~Las Cruces, New Mexico

F.Beck Woodworking wood bowls are hand turned keepsake pieces of artwork which are as functional as they are unique and beautiful. American made right here in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

As with most all of my handcrafted wooden bowls, I primarily use Mesquite Wood & inlay with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, creating, beautiful, one of a kind pieces of "Functional Artwork" that you will use for years to come. On occasion, I will branch out & try a new wood, such as Black Walnut & Ambrosia Maple. I love working with Mesquite & Walnut because both woods are very hard & usually have really great grain patterns. High lighting those swirls & color variations with the light blue Sleeping Beauty Turquoise inlay is the exciting part about my work. I don't turn my bowls down to the relatively thin edged bowls that the real artists come up with, but rather prefer to see my bowls as more unitarian & functional, probably "rustic" would be a good description.  I do however, finish each bowl down with several sanding courses & complete with 3 or 4 coats of a hi-gloss Polyurethane. This Polyurethane, once totally dried,  is  safe for serving food on.