Serve your cheeses with the style & flair of the American Southwest. Nothing says "Southwest"  quite like "MESQUITE WOOD" & TURQUOISE". As a woodworker & semi-retired "rock hound", I've had a life long love & appreciation for both. Mesquite Wood is extremely "hard" & as such, makes excellent cutting boards. Highlight  the wonderful grain patterns & color variations of this wood with veins of Turquoise inlay work & you come up with something very special & unique. And, of course, you can't display your cheeses, appetizers & hors d'oeuvres on such a beautiful cutting board without matching utensils. Which brings you here. Soft cheese, medium cheese, hard cheese, spreads, pates, slicing, dicing & serving needs the proper tool & I've done my best to put together an assortment of my Handcrafted Cheese Utensils & Cheese Tools that will, hopefully, meet any of your needs. 

When you serve cheese remember to provide a separate cheese knife for each cheese, and encourage guests not to mix the knives to avoid mixing the flavors of the cheese. 

All cheese knife blades are; Stainless Steel, the handles are hand turned from Texas Mesquite Wood & the turquoise inlay is Sleeping Beauty. Some sets are made up of knives with 3-1/2" handles, 4-1/2" handles & 5-1/2" handles & are priced accordingly. Each is finished with several coats of a hi-gloss, food-safe, non-toxic polyurethane. DO NOT WASH IN DISHWASHER...